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To The Dark Tower

10 Sep

By now you may have heard that Team Darlton abandoned their TV adaptation of The Dark Tower, which has been picked up by Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman. Their new (and slightly insane) plan is to switch between three feature films and two television series, incorporating the original 7-book series and the prequel comics.

In theory, I think it can work. In practice, it’ll be incredibly difficult. Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman are two of the most over-the-top, bombastic people working in Hollywood today and if nothing else they’ll give us a really beautiful world to look at. The big problem will be when they first transition from film to television. While television has gotten a hell of a lot smarter and more complex then a decade ago, ┬áthe budgets have not risen at anywhere near the same levelt. I’m fairly sure that the Lost pilot is still the most expensive ever made, and most of that money was spent on the plane wreckage. What this means is that they might lose a lot of viewers who’ll tune in to discover that the show is not as action-packed as the films.

This compounded by the choice of Howard and Goldsman. While they’re both more than capable of directing big budget crowd pleasing movies, neither of them are exactly known for emotional subtlety. In a two hour movie you can ignore that and just go with the pretty but 12 hours into a TV show you need to care about the characters in order to maintain interest. A big part of the fun of The Dark Tower is the minutiae, all the references to other King works and his skewed take on sci-fi, western and fantasy tropes and I feel like doing it this way will end up smoothing over all the little details in favour of the broader strokes. If nothing else it’s an interesting experiment.