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Pete Campbell’s Bitchface

9 Sep

Annahinks, you are a scholar and hero to many. Bravo.

I know I go on about Mad Men a lot but I only do so because it’s amazing and you’re doing yourself a disservice by not watching. This week’s episode, The Suitcase, was a classic ‘bottle’ episode that deserves mention in the same breath as Breaking Bad‘s ‘Fly’, Red Dwarf’s ‘Marooned’ and Seinfeld‘s ‘The Chinese Restaurant’. The US fall season of television is fast approaching and most the big shows will be back on in the next three weeks. Like everyone else I’ll be saving up new episodes of Dexter and American Dad so I can watch them all in one night like the barely-sentient sack I am fast becoming, but in between I’ll be trawling through all the shitty crime dramas to find something worth watching. Here’s to hoping.