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Tallest Man On Earth- Like The Wheel

8 Sep

I’ve watched this about 15 times in a row now, and it just destroys me.

A few months ago I started to teach myself to play the ukulele, with the idea of eventually having a vague grasp of tone and chord structure to write my own songs. As you can probably imagine, I’m in that period of history where Homo Sapien were still a few millenia from discovering fire and they just threw piles of everything at piles of everything and waited for something exciting to happen.

In this increasingly strained metaphor Tallest Man on Earth is the monolith that appears before the simple ape-men, singular in its mission to teach us how to love. As a culture we’ve inflated our language to the point where it’s almost impossible to truly describe a heightened sense of emotion anymore, but this is awesome. I am in awe of this.