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How to be cool when nobody is watching.

8 Sep

Play this first.

Close the curtains. Find the Sergio Mendes amongst the piles of unlabeled CD-R’s and black cases. Two of the ice trays are empty so gut the third. There’s a cube with a jagged end that sticks to your finger. Look around for a bandaid and find none. Decide you can suck your finger and chop limes at the same time. Swap hands for a moment, forget what citric acid does to cuts.


Everything in the shaker. Can’t find the jigger, use guesswork. Try shaking in time to the music, there’s too much ice, your hand is going numb. Consider picking up the teatowel. Looks uncool, feel the burn. Discover you’ve still got one martini glass left unbroken. No ice left, throw a few from the shaker for good measure. One Note Spanish Flea comes on. Sit, and drink.