How to sleep on a night like this.

12 Aug

1. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite beverage. Be generous, it’s late and nobody is watching. Red wine is probably best, its tone will trick the mind into believing your blood has already slowed, hastening the process. If you are not a drinker (and this is an achievement of no small congratulation), sit as still as you can and breathe deeply.

2. Open a new tab for Rainymood, adjust the speaker volume so it’s quiet enough to forget about.

3. Play this.

For serious insomnia, search grooveshark for “In the Wee Small Hours”, and enqueue the whole album.

4.Continue to drink, or breathe. Or both, these activities are interchangable.

5. There is no fifth step, as by now you should be tired enough not to be able to read anymore. If you can read this, God help you.


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