13 Jul

Used to walk the border of primary school following the fence turning circles like an electron

a smaller boy sometimes walked with me, each day dragged along by unknown compulsion

our uniforms were brown and yellow and every day his right arm was shiny and black from an endlessly running nose

that’s the way it always worked, I walked and he ran

being cool was Very Important and already I didn’t know How To Do It

there was Korn which I didn’t like, and south park which I couldn’t see

Then there was     , and I followed him

He had a leather jacket, a real one, and he said his dad drove a Harley, and I believed him

So he told me about lots of things, he told me how he had to sleep in a dog kennel when he misbehaved. I believed him.

he organised the whole class into the bag room at lunch time. he stood in the center and blew fire from his mouth

I said it never happened but the smell of petrol gave us all away

That day he walked up to me and asked to shake my hand. He took it, and slowly turned our hands up until our thumbs just touched

“this is how you do it” he said,

“This the handshake for people like us”


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