Arrested Development

7 Jul

I had fully intended to use my holiday to do a lot of quality work, but then Mario Galaxy 2 had to come out and be all ‘just play for a little while, I won’t take up too much of your time’ and then it is 5am the following Friday and I have a grown a full beard in which small birds are shrieking at the impending dawn.

You may notice some changes to the site, which I have made deliberately in an effort to appear more professional. In my mind, ‘professional’ means ‘doesn’t like colours’. In case it is not self-explanatory, The Guestbook is for leaving obscene messages anonymously, Publications is a list of other websites which for some reason allow me to write for them, and Projects is a collection of other things that aren’t done yet.

It’s pretty likely that you read this because of the title, so here you go.


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