Detritus, Cruft

17 Jun

With everything I write there’s something that has to disappear into the editing void. The vast majority of the time this is a good thing, as brevity and I never seem to get along. I took this out of a one-act play I wrote because it was too long and kind of pointless. It’s nearly its third birthday, and I still kind of like the fucker. So here it is.

Dear Simon,

There are so many stars in the sky my friend. Billions and Billions, so many that they go on forever like grains of sand on an endless shore. Finding the one your mother lives on will be difficult, but here’s what I think you should do. Years from now you will become an astronaut, flying in rocket ships to ever more amazing places, farther away than any man has traveled. One day, you will find yourself on a distant moon. Pillars of light will dance through the rings of Saturn, and as you search for life amongst the dust a single speck will float upwards. Slowly at first, then faster as it whips around your head as though it recognized you. The speck will hover in front of you face, and then expand into an orb of beautiful silver and gold. In it will be a smile, a smile you recognize. Your mothers. You smile in return, and you see her wave as she returns to the cosmos.

When you return you will have children of your own, and then grandchildren. And then one day, you will discover that you are old. The little ones will gather at your feet, and you will tell them tales of daring space adventures- and of the day you saw your mother in the sky.

Even then you will miss her, but do not worry. Once time itself is old we will all float onwards out into space, and our bodies will run together and hug so tight that we will found ourselves re-united with every we ever met. And inside that ball you will see your mother again- and as you fall into each others arms you will ignite from the force of your love- and as a star you will burn for a million years- Long enough for the next little boy like you to look up at the night sky and find that everything in the world is wonderful.

Love ,God


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