Abiquiu, or things that look nothing like Vaginas

3 Jun

I didn't get a chance to screencap this week, so I've just stolen the promo image

After last week’s claustrophobic episode, ‘Abiquiu’ felt a little disjointed. It was the sort of episode that’s necessary to the story arc but almost always feels clunky in execution.This week we spend some time with everybody, and move their stories forward to where they need to be for the finale. Lost did a lot of those episodes, so watching one came with a sense of expectation for the cool set-piece that would be coming up.  Breaking Bad managed to do this with more success than the majority of Lost, if only because Breaking Bad moves that much quicker. Hidden underneath this were a few great reveals and connections that I hadn’t considered before. I’m going to break this down by character  since there were so many great little moments.

Jesse. Aaron Paul deserves at least one Emmy for his work this season (which he’ll probably lose to Michael Emerson), and this week he demonstrated how much warmth there is in his character. Jesse’s relationship with kids is one of his most admirable traits- he genuinely enjoys spending time with children, something that has consistently got him into trouble in his attempts to defend them. His scene with Andrea and Brock in the restaurant gave us a side of his humanity that most people (Walt included) generally ignore.

Having said that, the reveal of Andrea being the mother of the kid who shot Combo didn’t quite work for me. I don’t think it will matter in the long run, Andrea and Brock were there in order to get Jesse back to a place where his life has a goal more concrete than ‘be evil’, but it still seemed off. There’s been a few moments that felt out of tone with the usual dark realism of Breaking Bad (the cousins doing the ‘cool guys walking away from explosions’ was another), but they’re not numerous enough to really lesson the show.

Hank and Marie. This week was another chapter in a novel I like to call “Hank Schrader: the only decent adult, who encounters failure after failure”. After this weeks abortive attempt at physical therapy, I’m convinced that Hank was lying when he said he still had feeling in his feet.Hank is convinced that he’s worthless, and he’s stuck in an unwinnable position; continue to lie about his progress to win back a semblance of his masculinity and power, or confess and resign himself to the fate of a cripple. How did I never

Walt and Skylar (with some Gus). Anyone who has criticised this season for its pace should note that we’ve gone from married to bitter separation to criminal partners in under a season. Also, how did I never think of Skylar helping to launder Walt’s money? Her skills at dodgy accountancy were set up last season, so it makes perfect sense.

The scenes with Gus were filled with classic Breaking Bad tension, and his  low-key house was a telling detail. Walt’s invitation looks to me to be genuine, while they certainly aren’t friends there seems to be a shared respect for intelligence. His warning then is one of real concern, he wants Walt to live but is finding it increasingly difficult to protect him. So is it for Jesse’s part in their cooking, and he’s discovered the theft? Or has he discovered Skylar’s part? I’m inclined to say Jesse, but I’ve been wrong before.


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