The Failure

31 May

He woke to the sound of drills. Klaxons sounded above him, the wharf was filled with men and women all shouting, laughing, holding clipboards.

A stage had been erected at waters edge, spotlights cracked the rippling surface.The younger fish swam around it edges, enthralled by the novelty.

Soon enough the horizon bent to the passing sun, and a thin white shape sliced through the incoming tide. The lights came back, beams like tiny suns in reverse pointed towards the great beyond. Sail unfurled, he saw the tiny figure come about, dodging his rocky cliffs and anchoring to shore.

The black mouths began again, and the whales and dolphins swam for cover. He rose his head just above the edge and saw two penguin men with her. They were happy, she had done well. He sank to the bottom in frustration. He cursed the name of Jessica Walter three times, as was tradition, then quietly swam away. Poseidon swore to himself that he would never let another rule his sea.


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