Mental Sandwich

4 May

Breaking Bad has always placed importance on the little rituals of life (be they getting up in the morning or shooting up heroin), and this season they’ve given lots of time to Walt’s sandwich making skills. What this suggests  is that these habits are essential to sanity, and that chemical high aside its the process of drug-taking that’s really no different than a PB&J.

I’ll avoid posting anything about the Big Events that happen this episode, but if you’ve watched week to week you’ll know they involved Hank and The Cousins. The latter have a lot of detractors. Their main argument is that The Cousins are too over-the-top and more ‘movie badass’ than the more grounded material that’s been a staple of the show. While they did get a bit ‘cool guys don’t look at explosions’, it’s a logical progression for the show to feature antagonists of increasing badassery, and this weeks episode gives (via flashback) them some much-needed depth.

There were some scenes this week that were genuinely difficult to watch, it’s rare for a show to make me so uncomfortable that I have to pause it and take a break, but that happened this week. It got to the point where it felt like I was intruding on a private conversation, that’s how intense it all got up in here.


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