Initial copy, short fiction, first attempt

28 Apr

The Switch

The lights went out two by two across the parking lot, switching with a quiet sigh like the warehouse in a heist film all in miniature. The city grew brighter then,  refracting off the hoods of expensive european sedans and gleaming chrome motorcycles. The central beams still remained, the buzz of their massive bulbs almost drowning out the conversation inside.

From a distance it looked almost glamourous, two hollywood bars of yellow light heralding the palace of wonders, illuminating it for all the peasants below. Even though she was metres away now, the lights had seemed to dim with each passing curve as she’d driven up the mountain.

There was a familiar screech of metal on concrete, and a scruffy waiter no older than 16 stepped out, leaving the delivery door ajar. She gestured with her hand to come over, the cigarette providing a mote of light for him to follow. She reached into the back seat of her car , pulled out a black garbage bag and swung it at the waiter- the plastic caught the lights of the city with a dull sheen as it arced over the parking lot. He nodded as he caught the bag, then kicked over a small plastic tub.

She could hear the voices getting louder, she got inside the car and turned on the hi-beams, hopefully no-one would have time to read the license plates.


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