The Proofs, The Figures,

26 Apr

Well if it isn’t our good friend the visual metaphor.

This week’s episode saw a return to a dynamic that many thought was gone completely- Walt and Jesse getting narrowly escaping death. Walt got involved for his own benefit, but in those harrowing, quite-literally-sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat-oh-god-oh-god scenes inside the RV it really looked like Walt still cared about Jesse. The problem is that from what we’ve seen of his actions this season, it could be a lie so good even the audience believes it. Jesse was willing to play the drug kingpin to Badger, but that’s a long way from Walt’s super lab (now with evil red floors and magic espresso!) and the cartel that goes with it .

In a turn of events that I didn’t expect this soon, Hank may very well never make it to El Paso now that the cousins are out for his blood. With all his talk of family values, will Walt try to stop it if and when he discovers the trade?

I don’t like his odds.


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