The American Dream.

19 Apr

Why hello there juxtaposition.

Those of you who hate windshields got some more juicy glass-smashing action this week, in what was probably the best episode of the season so far. Walt’s decision to abandon cooking was always going to be a temporary one, and all the trickery and badgering in the world is useless against his biggest weakness: pride.

Gus Fring delivered the closest thing Breaking Bad has had to a mission statement this week, convincing Walt to stay in his Willy Wonka Magical Meth Basement and cook by lecturing him on the importance of doing what’s right, of looking after the ones you love. Anyone still holding out hope that Walt really is ‘doing it all for the family’ should abandon that here, it’s now clearer than ever that cooking Meth makes him a different, stronger person- one he secretly enjoys becoming, but doesn’t always want to deal with. Skylar too is having a hard time dealing with the person she’s become- her affair with Ted was supposedly all about getting back at Walt, but the minute she thinks everything could go back to the way it was she discovered Walt was willing to move. Whether it’s for the reason she thinks it is, that will have to wait.

What of Jesse then? Without a family to support (or to rely on) he doesn’t have anyone to stay in the business for. He seems resigned to playing the role of the bad guy, the big nasty drug dealer, and he’s starting to sound less and less like the gangsta of old so maybe he means it. The downside of course is that Walt no longer needs him, and at best he’ll be making an inferior product in the old RV while Hank chases him down- and if Jesse gets caught that’ll lead him straight to Walt. Fring must be aware of this, and that basement doesn’t look like it meets fire codes. With the cousins out of the picture (at least for the time being) the real conflict will be between Jesse and Walt, and how far Jesse is willing to go to be the bad guy. And that is some really dangerous territory.


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