Lost and The Opening

31 Mar

For those of you who’ve watched the special features on the Lost season 1 dvd (and I’ll assume for the moment that’s it just me) there’s a brief discussion of the opening credits, and that the one we all know and love (the black swooshy thing) was intended as just a placeholder before the final, more expensive credits were completed.

I’ve seen the more expensive version, and it sucks. It’s certainly fancier, but all it really looks like is a bunch of floating heads flying at an island (that sounds ridiculous, but it’s pretty much what happens). The placeholder opening was a better choice, because it’s enigmatic and mysterious. It implies that anything could happen in the following hour, and in the last three weeks Lost has moved from buddy-cop drama to historical fantasy to contemporary romance, so it’s a show with a lot of variety.

The point I’m labouring at is that a good opening is essential to getting people to watch your show.  True Blood and Dexter both have great opening themes that give you a clear idea of what the show will be like, and they are in their own way both fun entertaining programs. At the other end of the scale is a show like a show like Dollhouse, which despite being at least as good as True Blood (and in its second season, consistently better) died a slow death and was cancelled.  It, much like Firefly before it, suffered from having a slow and boring opening theme. Don’t believe me? Watch this

What was once an exciting show now looks boring as shit, because of the airy-fairy theme music.  Joss Whedon, please, I beg you: if you’re going to do another television show, hire Bear McCreary or Michael Giacchino to do the score.


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