The Resurrection Game

24 Mar

Note for regular readers: possible victims of BNS may now include Florence and the Machine, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

Tonight I’ve found myself in an unusual position, in that I have no story half-completed, no assignments outstanding that I haven’t finished and nothing new to watch. In Yoga, this position is known as the restless beagle, or the dreaming mongoose. So now I’m doing what I usually do in this situation- reading through old scripts and story notes for something I can  use again. If you’re not a terrible hoarder of notes, imagine leafing through an old photo album and every so often finding a picture of yourself mooning the camera with “I luv you this much” painted across your buttocks.  It’s a curious mix of nostalgia and idealism mixed with fear and limitless disgust.

I’ve decided to give The Gospel of Ted an overhaul. It’s clunky in parts and too didactic in others, but it keeps drawing me back to it so there must be something worth saving in there. As always, “further updates as events warrant”.


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