Congratulations may (or may not) be in order

22 Mar

It seems like the people who are Serious About Music have written off MGMT as a bunch of posers, a group who are better models than they are musicians whose initial success from a few good singles would soon disappear. There’s very little on Congratulations that makes me want to disagree. The whole album is available as a stream at the above link, and it’s a spaghetti-on-the-wall kind of affair, like they’ve thrown everything they can think of at it to see what sticks. This could’ve lead to something that sounds daring and experimental, but right now it’s more like a collection of things they’ve included because they think it would sound cool, which is the exact opposite. The cover also reminds of what the Saved By The Bell diner set would look like on too much acid, which is not an experience I want emulated on an album cover.

There is a vocal minority who love it though, so I will give it a few more listens. As always, I’ve probably missed something.


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