Old School, Good Times

24 Feb

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers about a scene in the most recent episode (6.05) of Lost. While this in no way gives away any of the big plot points of the season so far, Lost fans are notoriously insane people and if this warning wasn’t here I could in all likelihood wake up with another appendix.

I’m a big Lost fan. I’ve followed the show since I first heard about the premiere in mid 2004, and I’ve watched every episode since, including the shitty ones in season 3 when they had to stretch things out. The biggest complaint leveled against the show is that the writers are simply making things up as they go along, and that are simply too many things that will never get answered. On any show change from season to season is needed to keep the show fresh (and in some cases when actors leave), and season 6 of Lost is proving that they knew where they were going all along. As an example, the later seasons have increasingly used Egyptian mythological symbols, and it was only today I noticed that a character all the way back in episode 7 of the first season was wearing a t-shirt with Anubis on it. Is that significant to the plot? No, but it’s a small reference that wasn’t just a coincidence and it adds weight to the show’s own (sometimes) cohesive mythos.

In this weeks episode Jack and Hurley go on a mission, and they stumble upon the caves they lived in way back in the first season. Hurley reminds Jack (and the audience) of the skeletons they found there, while Jack looks around at the memories of what now seems like a much earlier time. It reminded me of a scene in that sugary cheese ball of a movie.-Hook, where the adult Peter returns to the old Lost Boys cabin and marvels at all the toys and gadgets that seemed like so much fun when they were children playing at adventure, but seem so quiet and small now that he’s become an adult.  Actually, that might be more of a spoiler than I first intended. We’ll see.


One Response to “Old School, Good Times”

  1. Half Your Weight February 24, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    Just finished watching the episode. Glad to finally know what the numbers mean.

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