“Oh, Hi Mark”

11 Feb

Cult of The Week 6- The Room

I knew this would happen at some point. The world of Cult Cinema is by nature strange, but The Room is its own beast. You would gain little, if anything, from a discussion of the plot or themes. The Room brings up plot points seemingly at random then never mentions them again. The Room has dialog so incredibly bad it makes George Lucas sound like Oscar Wilde. The acting is universally terrible, the sets ugly, and the camera work often features long clips of stock footage at the completely wrong time of day. It’s a testament to the endurance of the human spirit that it ever got finished. It’s Plan 9 From Outer Space for the 21st Century. How you feel about Ed Wood will likely be how you feel about Tommy Wiseau. All I can do is show you some clips, and if this is your bag The Room is screening at Nova Cinema in Carlton late saturday nights all this month. Come say hi, I’ll be the guy who looks like me.


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