Letters to the man. Or woman, whichever is contextually relevant.

18 Jan

If like me you are outraged at the gross miscarriage of justice that lead to the closure of the beloved Tote hotel. If you are not outraged then there is no place for you here.  The closure of The Tote is another in an increasing list of the Labour government destroying the lifestyle of all the decent, honest people in the world who love loud music, heaving drinking and fetish pornography.  The free people among us are losing ground, but there is still hope. I encourage all of you to write a letter- a real physical letter with a fucking stamp and everything because the Government does not care about the internet, not even a little.

The Hon. John Brumby

1 Treasury Place
East Melbourne  VIC  3002

The Hon. Tony Robinson

9 Blackburn Road

Blackburn 3130

I haven’t included Kosky here as since she’s quit today her department will be too busy running around like headless chickens training for a marathon to read anything at all. Remember that this is an election year, and everyone is looking to please.


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