Predicting The Future.

5 Jan

1. You will enjoy the following link, which depicts a Tiny Desk Concert that The Mountain Goats did for NPR

2. You will chill about the cricket.

Guys, I know cricket is a breathless and invigorating demonstration of men in peak physical condition locked in a battle of wills until the very end, but if you win constantly it isn’t very interesting. It’s alright to lose sometimes.

3. Yeasayer’s second album, Odd Blood, will sell a ton of copies, get radio play and become a massive crossover hit (whatever that is) much like Merriweather Post Pavillion.

It’s not exactly an out-of-nowhere pick but I’d be very surprised if this doesn’t do really well. It has the psychedelic weirdness experimental pop fans will enjoy and plenty of very dancable tracks. The first single and accompanying video are also fucking killer.


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