First Bad Joke For 2010: Medium Fries State Of The Reunion

2 Jan

Baby Einstein: Slayer Edition

Welcome to 2010! Please notify your comptroller of any excess food pellets you may have in your sector so they can be reintegrated into oxygen reclamation.

First of all, thanks to everyone who read Medium Fries in 2009. Over the last few months I got about 500 unique views, which for a blog I only vaguely advertise on twitter is fairly decent. Still, I’m convinced I can do better.  Over the next few weeks there’ll be a few changes to MF’s structure and content, think of it as a sort of Phase 2 minus the Sulu. Medium Fries will change focus in some vague way towards local events, as well as the finest detritus pop culture has to offer.

In addition, a new site will appear in the not-too-distant-future to house my own fiction. As The Offspring once so wisely said, You gotta’ keep ’em separated.

First link of the year is to a new webcomic by the great D. Beran of the now-defunct-but-still-amazing A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible. Promises of monthly updates should prove a good system for one of the best voices in webcomics.


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