Hack The Planet

16 Dec


The purpose of Government is, I guess, to act in the best interest of its people. I know John Stuart Mill (who is one of those people who always gets referred to by their full name, like Phillip Seymour Hoffman) had a few things to say about this issue, but for the purposes of this article I think it’s best to stick with baseless gut reaction.  As anyone who’s ever seen a room full of people play the Roxanne drinking game, sometimes people don’t act in their own best interest. So, I guess, in situations where people aren’t fully equipped to make their own sensible decisions the Government steps in to make them on their behalf- which is why heroin, drink driving and deep fried quarter-pounders are illegal.

A lot of the political stuff I complain about here falls loosely into the category of ‘civil liberties’, the sort of things that don’t look that important on the grand scale, but are the best measurement we have of the apparent freedom of any given society.  The internet has long been the domain of the paranoid, but today I believe that this sense of creeping unease is justified. We lived through a decade of lunacy, suffering and death at the hands of men who did what they did in the name of freedom, in protecting us from people who hated our freedom and wanted us dead. Now we have to deal with something altogether different and sinister, those who want to protect us from ourselves.

As a post-script, it’s probably worth pointing out that the internet filter probably won’t work very well and will take about 90 minutes to get around, and that’s being generous.


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