The Continuing Story of Fuck You Bill

7 Dec

Regular readers may enjoy the following updates on news stories I’ve mentioned here in the last few months.

Australia still without R rating for Video Games, Aliens Vs. Predator the latest ban.

I would like to believe that there is some position to be made (regardless of your opinion on violence) that the Australian government is effectively deadlocked on this position, and as such this entire cherry-picking operation is undemocratic. At least, that is my position, and I would to see it backed up on some old bit of paper somewhere. At the very least some modification should be made as to what kinds of violence and mayhem are acceptable and which are not, because currently their system seems to be based around an enormous neon wheel a-la Wheel of Misfortune and from there they select several variations on the ‘kill you until you are dead’ theme and apply these rules accordingly.

The Drug report which got its author fired is not being released, due to ‘public confusion’

It seems to me there is a growing disparity between the sort of reality the average person perceives to be true and the one the Government thinks it is representing. This may mean something.


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