Michael Atkinson- Enemy of Democracy

13 Nov

One of the amazing things about our political system is that things get done because of trivialities, all it takes is something really unimportant to get everyone involved. Australia has become the object of ire and scorn in geek communities the world over because the individual above, South Australia Attorney-General Michael Atkinson. Due to the way certain laws regarding classification are written a unanimous vote is required in order to change anything, and Atkinson has appointed himself the sole guardian of good taste and decency.

I don’t particularly care about Left 4 Dead 2 getting banned (because you can kill zombies with guns but not with sticks for some reason) or any of the other titles that have been modified or refused classification, because there is a more important issue here. One of the founding principals of participatory democracy is the ability of voters to decide for themselves how our country is run. Here stands Michael Atkinson, who is the Attorney-General (whatever the hell that is) of a state that might not even be real. Some crochety bastard who uses the word ‘colonials’ in regular conversation is negatively affecting the most profitable entertainment industry in the entire world, and for that he deserves to be shot from a cannon into the sun.


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