And The Geeks Will Destroy The Earth

14 Oct

This isn't really relevant but it's funny.

At some point in the future, about 10 minutes before civilization ends, the hyper-intelligent machine brain that has been slowly amassing bandwidth, slaves and nuclear weapons will have an opening special on “Mind-Control Hats”. They’ll be exactly the same as the last three models with the exception of a brighter hologrammatic display and a cupholder. A roving pack of bargain-obsessed tweakers will buy the entire crop and before you can update the firmware the bombs will fall.

Perhaps I’m being too negative, maybe firmware will be less annoying in the future.

I know it’s a geek perogative to get all tingly in the metaphysical pants every time some new thingy comes out, but some of them really don’t deserve the attention. The Kindle, for example. Human civilisation has had thousands of years to develop and we’ve about 7 or 8 things perfect- among them I count wine, candles, fried chicken and books. The Kindle would be quite useful as substitute for textbooks but for proper reading I don’t see the point. Books are easy to find and purchase, you can carry them everywhere, they small nice, there are buildings with literally thousands of the things you can read for free and if you want somebody else to read a book you have all you have to do is just hand it to them. Then of course there’s this.

While Amazon insist it was all a big mistake what it proves is that they can remove content remotely without your consent, and you have to take their word for it that they won’t. This is proving to be a problem with the move to a paperless society- when I buy something with my money,it should be my property.


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