Fuck Right Off, Georgina Robinson

29 Sep


This kind of shit bothers me. It shouldn’t , as I have no relation to Hugh Jackman whatsoever and no particular interest in his career but it still bothers me. The entire article is skewed to get sympathy for the poor audience member who got yelled at by the nasty actors. You know what, un-named audience member- fuck you.  You deserve to be heckled and booted out of the damn theatre for doing something as rude as leaving your phone on in the middle of a show.

I’m certainly not a professional actor but I know that you need to concentrate in order to get shit done and in any performance situation where you’ve paid to go and see the thing why you would interrupt them is totally beyond me. I hope Hugh Jackman doesn’t lose any credibility from this. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, and Wolverine will murder your family.


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