The Limits of Man.

16 Sep

I don’t particularly give a shit about the Olympics, but I’m still impressed with the sheer speed of people like Usain Bolt. He can run 100 metres in under 10 seconds.I doubt I can get out of bed that fast. For people like Usain life must be a whirlwind of excitement and opportunity, where even simple tasks like preparing breakfast hold a joy that comes only from a deep and abiding sense of wholeness.

Seeing as I have no capacity to allow happiness in others, my interest in athletics comes from a desire to live long enough to see the upper limit- that point where the human body simply cannot go any faster. That has to exist right? You can’t get a body from one point to another in zero time, so logically there is a number higher than that which muscle and bone simply won’t be able to top. The only other scenario I can imagine is some horrible manifestation of Zeno’s tortoise where time is measured in increasingly smaller increments until nobody knows what anything means anymore. That or we blow ourselves up. With that in mind, consider this.

For years now I’ve been pointing to things just like that and say “This here, this is irredeemable fucking shit. The world is at its bottom, there’s nothing left for us now”. And every single time I am wrong. There’s always something nastier. More cynically motivated. More insipid. My hope here is that like Usain Bolt the heartless executives and pop starlets have some upper limit to their evil, that soon enough they will create the worst possible thing. And once that dance remix of ‘The Ketchup Song‘ mashed with ‘My Humps‘ is played at the 2016 Olympics and the governments crumble and the buildings fall, then we can begin anew.


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